Sodium Design

Analog | Digital | Analog

This project sets to blur the lines between analog and digital modeling techniques by constantly working iteratively between physical and digital models. Utilizing a soft, flexible “funky foam” material the students engage in an aesthetic exercise attempting to capture the essence of a chosen precedent and express it in an immaterial form. Placing an emphasis on light, shadow and geometry, this material is handled much the same way as software utilized later in the exercise. This “soft” geometry is then input into the computer using a digitizer arm, which begins the repeated translations between the physical and virtual object.

As a simple form of construction technique “egg-crating” is demonstrated to show how a complex surface could be constructed utilizing flat sheet. Next a second iteration of physical model is generated, in a very structured, prescribed manner.

The third step in the process is to utilize the computer software and rapid prototype machines to conceive a hybrid geometry re-introduces the initial precedent and encourages the students to freely explore the construction of a complex forms in using multiple mediums and techniques.

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