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4th Year Design Studio

New Publication -
Unpacking - A Study in the Generation of Louis Sullivan's Ornament published at the 107th ACSA Annual Meeting in March 2019

Welcome and thank you for visiting Sodium Design. My name is Nicholas Ault and I am a Licensed Architect living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, I am working at Little Architects designing and detailing a large corporate headquarters in Northern California. Additionally, I have a small practice that is currently pursuing multiple small commercial projects in North + South Carolina. Previously, I have worked at Perkins+Will and as a Lecturer at multiple universities. I have held positions at Clemson University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as a Lecturer, Professor in Residence and Director of the Digital Fabrication Labs. Having spent the bulk of my career dedicated to the world of higher education, I have decided to change directions and fully invest myself in the pursuit of professional practice whilst I continue to be an active participant at regional universities through adjunct teaching opportunities and as a juror.

The work represented in the following pages illustrates a sampling of teaching, research and design work that I have directly executed or by students directly under my supervision.

I would like to thank you for visiting the site and encourage you to contact me directly with any questions that you may have.

Current Work

Academic Projects
Fourth Year Design Studio
Fall 2019
Instructor | Coordinator

Architecture Projects
Corporate Headquarters
Little Diversified Architects
Roseville, California
Construction Documentation

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