Sodium Design

Research in Fabrication and Materiality
The experiential phenomena of making engages the human senses and spirit in a transformative manner. Traditionally this has been strengthened by the physical connection one has with the material, the tool and ultimately the object throughout the process of creation. This phenomenological connection between the maker and the made is now in a state of flux as for the first time the maker is physically separated form the object which he or she is creating. This dislocated relationship between maker and material is reenvisioned as the fundamental nature of the design process, tooling and the process of fabrication are here called into question. The two outlined projects emphasize the importance of the material in this relationship and explore this physical separation as the primary area of interest through two different methodologies. Digitactility emphasizes the specificity of each materials characteristics and behavior as the genesis for study while Guerrilla Tactics employs the powers of computer software to explore materiality, material efficiency and geometry and the T.O.I.S. explores scale and material characteristics to demonstrate the structural behavior of different materials under load.