Sodium Design

Clemson School of Architecture
Centennial Gallery Exhibition
Clemson, South Carolina

October 2013

Project Role: Project Designer, Construction Detailing, Digital Fabrication Oversight

Student Workers: Rachel Gamble, Lauren Kenner, Edgar Mozo, Ellis Taylor
Installation into the gallery oversaw by Professor Dan Harding because of my appointment as Professor In Residence in Genoa, Italy

The celebration of 100 years of history is always of to be celebrated, and for the Clemson University School of Architecture it not only marks a time of reflection but also a time of excitement about what is yet to come. Entitled Southern Roots Global Reach this exhibit, and its subsequent celebrations, recall the schools awareness of what it means to be distinctly southern, as well as acutely aware of events, trends and cultures from around the world. The Southern Roots Global Reach exhibit celebrates this connection by creating an environment where World, National, University and School of Architecture and student work are intertwined. Inspired by the mass communication device most prominent in the 20th century, the newspaper, the exhibit utilizes advanced printing technology on a common and mundane architectural material with which we are all familiar, Architectural Tyvek. Backlit with LED lighting strips in custom fabricated fixtures the fabric becomes translucent and both exposes the fibrous nature of the material itself but also emphasizes the opaqueness of the embossed printings. This lightweight structure is suspended above the gallery floor with a series of laser-cut steel beams which are mounted to the galleries existing movable display wall system. This spatial consequence is echoed inside and out as two disparate environments are created for the viewer. The exterior contextualizes the history of the school in the form of a timeline while the interior features current student work and a series of follies which call special attention to the most formative people and events in the history of the School of Architecture. This historical reflection is tempered against a peek into our future. A frontispiece of the exhibition, ‘The Future’ puts forth the goals, aspirations and programs the school hopes to develop in the coming years.

Constructed Gallery Exhibit Photography shown with permission by photographer Ann Marie Jacques