Sodium Design

A Participant in Change - COTE 10
UNC - Charlotte Fall 2020 - Graduate Design Studio - Team Project
Charlotte, North Carolina

We stand at an inflection point in history. In no time in our lifetimes has so much unknown been present yet so much opportunity be at our fingertips. Architecture can be a capable participant in real, meaningful change in the world both through its own responsibility to the planet as well as actively housing those who are at the forefront of the changes that we seek. This project sought to develop a ‘campus’ environment that was focused on the remediation or solving of a societal issue that we are facing. No topic was off limits and the student groups were instructed to consider all sides of the argument and be prepared to argue their point of view. Topics ranged from remediation of homelessness, treatment for mental illness, disease prevention and research as well as the complex issue of being from 'the in between."

Utilizing the 2020 AIA COTE Competition for Students as a basis, this studio sought to develop a ‘global healing’ campus on one of the two aforementioned sites in the Charlotte metropolitan area that positively influence the future of the city, region, nation or planet. Kicked off by an in-depth investigation of two drastically different sites - referred as the Urban Shoulder and the Rural Connected sites - each student group conceptualized a complex narrative and program that would drive a specific agenda aimed at alleviating a societal ill while acting as a responsible or regenerative force in the natural environment.

Competition Submissions