Sodium Design

Corporate Headquarters
Roseville, California

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Currently in Construction Documentation - Project Completion Spring 2019

Project Role: Project Detailing, Project Architect, Discipline Coordination and Project Oversight
Located in Roseville, California, this 275,000 square foot corporate headquarters houses nearly 1300 employees. Designed for a large west coast hospital system the building occupies a picturesque, park-like landscape and attempts to make a statement about the companies investment in the health of its clients and its employees. Fully clad in curtainwall the design creates a well lit and open work environment once again reinforcing the relationship to the pastoral site.

Reflective of the companies’ Christian foundation the parti of the project marries the Medical and Christian crosses to form the building and create a series of penetrating gardens attempt to blur the relationship between interior and exterior. This focus on Christian iconography and wellness forms the core of the organization and the building. At its symbolic core a central tendril-like ‘Mission Stair’ symbolizes a growing vine that ties the building - and community - together. Together the open plan, native gardens and the ‘Mission Stair’ speak to the fundamental values of the company and their focus on faith, health and wholeness.

Currently in construction the project is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2019.
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