Sodium Design

Corporate Headquarters
Roseville, California

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Completed Spring 2019

Project Role: Project Detailing, Project Architect, Discipline Coordination and Project Oversight
As companies grow it is imperative that they change and adapt to new means or working – in the healthcare field this is paramount as efficiency is of utmost important both from a financial standpoint but also from a patient care perspective. By bringing together nearly 1300 employees from 22 different office locations and dozens of remote locations a unified approach to hospital administration can better support their constituents and significantly influence positive outcomes for their patients uniformly across their six-state system. Located in Roseville, California, this 275,000 square foot Corporate Headquarters, for the first time, consolidates the entire administrative teams under one roof and provides space for interpersonal and inter-departmental opportunities heretofore unavailable to Adventist Health.

Sited atop one of the highest points in Roseville, in a recovered brownfield site, the building occupies a picturesque, park-like landscape and attempts to make a statement about the company’s investment in the health of its clients and its employees. The site features a multitude of health centric amenities including a 1-mile walking trail, a variety of outdoor meeting spaces and yoga lawn.
Reflective of the company’s Adventist Christian foundation the Parti of the building marries the Medical and Christian crosses to form the building and creating a series of penetrating gardens that blur the relationship between inside and outside allowing the occupants to enjoy the regularly beautiful Northern California weather. This focus on Christian iconography and wellness forms the core organization of the building. At its symbolic core, a tendril-like ‘Mission Stair’ symbolizes a growing vine that ties the building - and community – together and forming the center piece of the ‘Collaborative Hub.’ This hub area is the functional core of the building and is the physical manifestation of the opportunities afforded by unifying the support system of the company. The Hub is the collaborative heart of the organization and is designed to provide variety in the daily lives of the workers and to encourage differing modes of collaboration with an assortment of diverse meeting spaces and furniture that promote happenstance interactions and formal meetings alike.
This project embodies the Adventist Health vision for Health, Wholeness and Hope through its integration of symbolism of spiritual beliefs, functional versatility and collaboration and is a catalyst in assisting Adventist Health in venturing into the next step in the history of the organization. Through this projects realization it is helping to usher in a new phase for an Adventist Health this project achieves the highest level of architectural achievement, helping an organization to grow, its employees to be more productive and to provide everyone with an environment that is stimulating, diverse and healthy.
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