Sodium Design

Objects of Display
UNCC Fall 2009 - Topical Studio

Conceived of as a series of three interrelated exercises with the objective to be the exploration of the relationship between object and objectified through making this project takes place withing the confines of a cigar box. Exploring the display of an object(s) and the articulation of a more ephemeral quality within a similar context, the exercise culminated in a public display that presented the concepts and constructs from the previous two exercises while engaging a public forum within the School of Architecture.

Project 1.0: Objectified

In many ways the display or packaging of an artifact is as critical to the interpretation of the object as its own design. Many museums and, to a greater extent, retailers find this to be a critical piece of how users encounter their items. Many modern displays are constantly toeing the line between foreground and background, between display and displayed. This schism between display and displayed provokes design schemes for this problem.

The students investigated the display of a small object within a cigar box. The object was to be displayed in two distinctly different conditions, stored and displayed. Meant to be presented as art and protected/stored as such the cases call into question the concept of display and displayed in each independent scenario.

Project 1.1: Presentation

Modern and Contemporary Art has continually attempted to re-conceptualize and redefine and challenge the concept of display. This display has become in many cases critical to the experience and/or perception of whatever is being displayed whether it be an object, an environment, or video conceived by contemporary artists.

The students once again pursued the design of a display, in this case the presentation of a phenomenological or ephemeral quality. This required the re-conception of how the ‘quality’ behaved and how to represent its intricacies. Once again the case was required to display and protect but in this case an alternative method was to hide and reveal. The objective of the exercise was to create an object or make viewer more aware of something that does not necessarily have a physical mass or component.

Project 1.2: Display

The final portion of this project, this piece seeks to contextualize the objects created in the previous two exercises. Seen as designed objects unto themselves the display toes the line between presenter and presented. Featured as in situ displays within the School of Architecture, each object celebrates the characteristics of the cigar boxes and becomes a site to further interpret the message contained within each box.