Sodium Design

Tool Analysis
Clemson Spring 2012 - First Year Undergraduate
The first skill that architects need to master is the skill of drawing. this project, the first project the students tackle once entering architecture school at Clemson, seeks to teach the students to create a drawing that elicits motion. Upon selecting an object that has some kinetic ability, either as part of itself or its use, the students utilize graphic conventions to create a composition the explains the tool in a graphically compelling manner.
Mapping a Context
Clemson Spring 2012 - First Year Undergraduate
As an introduction to reading an environment the students were given the task of investigating and mapping the town of Pendleton, South Carolina. A small but historic town in the upstate of South Carolina, this town provides a rich opportunity for the students to investigate the fabric of a small southern town. The students reading range widely from the tumultuous history of one significant sight to the interconnectedness of systems that begin to create a complex grid structure that links Pendleton to the outside world. These graphically focused projects seek to broaden the  students understanding of composition and the hybrid utilization of tools as a means to express their ideas.
Artists Space
Clemson Spring 2012 - First Yexar Undergraduate
The final project of their first year education the Artists space is a temporary construction for a yearly street festival in Pendleton, South Carolina. Imagined as a short term live-work  space for a visiting artist the programs requirements expanded upon the students previous explorations into Pendleton and applied to an artist of their creation. The only requirements of the space were that they had to consist of a private space, only large enough for the artist to live for a week and a public space that becomes either part of the creation of their art, a gallery for their work or somehow a piece of the artists for itself.