Sodium Design

Project FAST
Upstate Region, South Carolina

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Entering Construction - Project Completion Early 2022

Project Role: Project Design, Senior Project Manager, Project Detailing, Discipline Coordination, Budget Management and Project Oversight
Located in the Upstate area of South Carolina and designed for a large international German car manufacturer, this project seemingly occupies the in-between. The buildings program is described as a ‘Technical Training Facility,’ but is in more precise terms, a complex operation that is equal parts manufacturing facility, educational institution, office building, outreach facility and a symbol of a cultural shift at the company. As a consequence this building has to simultaneously be incredibly technical, durable and versatile, all while sensitively valuing the health and well being of all occupants.

Situated on a precipice of a complexly articulated and sloping site the building considers its perception and scale on approach by nestling itself into the landscape, only showing its full volume from the non-public side which is integrated into nature and holds the programs public space and areas of collection. The exterior aesthetic of the building implements both brand standards and local identity while carefully respecting an incredibly tight budget. The 68,000 sf facility utilizes a unitized insulated metal panel system as a semi-modular organizer that wraps the majority of the facade with accents coming from wood clad panels in soffit and entrance areas. Glazing is limited in technical areas for safety and technological reasons while ‘people spaces’ are well glazed to provide inviting and comfortable spaces for learning and relaxation.
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