Sodium Design

Divine Barrel Brewing
Charlotte, North Carolina

NEAR Design Workshop
Open December 2017

Project Role: Principal Designer, Project Detailing, Design Coordination, Contractor and Owner Relations

As craft breweries continue to flood in to the North Carolina marketplace it has become more and more important to differentiate yourself - both in your product and in your environment. At approximately 9,000 sf this brewery space takes a similar approach to both the brewery area and the taproom that encourages the relationship between the patron and the product to be diverse in size, activity level and volume.

By analyzing the brewing process and the experience of a visitor a representatives force - ingress and egress - rotates the dividing wall to create a variety of spaces in both the taproom and the brewing area. By developing areas of activity and areas of repose in both areas we create an environment where different groups sizes can congregate inside the taproom to encourage conversation. On the brewerey side, these areas of repose are designed for fermentation and barrel aging.

Mounted under the exisitng barrel truss roof is a suspeended wooden screen that lowers the height of a portion of the taproom space to create a more intimate area below in order to encourage the bartenders develop a relationship with the patrons and engage in conversation with the patron, educate them about about the product and cultivate a pleasant environment for all.

On the exterior, mimicing the interior suspended wood ceiling, a striated wooden screen separates the exterior patio from the surroundings. Utilizing simple pin connections and near wasteless construction dimensions; the shell provides shade, spatial definition and a signage opportunity for the brewery

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